About me


I’ve been passionate about astrology since very early on. Astrology has always been a friend helping me understand myself and the people around me better. I strongly believe in the power of defining your own destiny and astrology has allowed me to decipher this path and to help others better understand their own path as well.

Born in Romania in the time of communism, moved to Austria in my student years and then to London working in a media and advertising career.

Earlier this year I decided to pursue my dream and help as many people as possible find their own direction with the help of astrology and life coaching.

My mission is not to just tell people about their astrological placements, but to show them their true potential and give them the ‘tools’ to achieve it.

  • If you are suffering and you are not seeing any way out,
  • If you are confuse about your journey,
  • If you are looking to understand yourself better and uncover your inner potential,
  • If you are looking to understand anyone that is close to you better,
  • If you are looking for your love relationship to work,
  • If you are looking for love all together…

I am offering my help on this website through a series of personalized readings and advice.

I am looking forward to support you answer all these questions through looking into your astrological blueprint and giving you a set of practical solutions that should help overcome any of the problems mentioned above and make you thrive on your path.