“Get the Love” Reading

Looking to understand your love style, what makes you feel loved, what you need to fall in love and how your love life is going to look like?

Or maybe you want to know what triggers your partner’s buttons in love or how you can become irresistible by using your true, natural qualities and astrological predisposition?

This is a 1 person love chart reading looking into what makes someone happy in love,  their seduction style is and their ideal partner.

You can choose this reading for yourself or your partner if you would like to know what you or your partner needs in their love life to be completely happy.

Price: £45/ $58/ €52

Delivery: 5 days

Orders @: mailto:ariesmoongirl@gmail.com

Details required:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Specific question/comments (is the reading for yourself or someone else, are you looking to have a special question answered)